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Your passion, however is dependent on what is forthcoming from a lover.

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You react only in outbursts of temper and nervous irritability. Well, basically, from what I understand, it means deep passion, jealousy or possession in sexual relationships. Scorpio is the astrological sign of death and regeneration, also of extremes of emotion. If you have the Moon in Scorpio you have a spiritual nature and intense feelings that motivate your actions. You are very clever at hiding your true feelings. A Moon in Scorpio is one of the more difficult lunar positions. Though you are driven by strong passions you tend to deny that they are your motivation. You often disapprove of your emotions for example, your anger or jealousy , and therefore keep your reactions hidden under a calm, agreeable surface.

You can exercise great control, but it is also a path to slow destruction of the spirit. Basically, you must learn to let go emotionally and feel your pain, and through the experience expand your phenomenal ability to love. A Moon-in-Scorpio person posses enormous willpower and acute powers of observation. Your judgements are shrewd and accurate. This is usually a great air to you in work, but it causes you to brood over an emotional wound or injury. Some Scorpio-Moon types will never forget and will wait years to get revenge. This does not necessarily mean that you are cruel and vengeful, but at any time in life you can instantly recall a slight to your pride—remember exactly what the other person said and how bitterly you felt at the time.

Your persistence and determination enable you to rise above obstacles than others. There is usually a secret sorrow or trouble in the lives of Moon-Scorpios that very often concerns family problems or health. This lunar position creates a need for escape in fantasy, although higher Scorpio-Moon types use the spiritualism that is so much a part of this sign to do work that benefits humanity.

Though passion is always a factor with you, your sexuality can be sublimated in other areas, such as creative work or a career that demands self-sacrifice. Work is important to you, for it is through work and effort that you are best able to express yourself. You have high standards, and pride of craftsmanship is visible in all your endeavors. You tend to be ambitious and are endowed with executive ability. Without even being aware of it you possess a sensuality that attracts the opposite sex.

This is often a source of difficulty in your love life, and many lunar Scorpios marry more than once. A fear of being controlled is at the core of your relationship issues. For you to be in a position of emotional vulnerability puts you in a classic Scorpio deathlike situation, for to be unsafe means you are the mercy of another person.

It is almost impossible for you to put complete trust in someone else, and it takes a long time for you to commit yourself fully. The secret is your great need for emotional security and, in a sense, there is no security that is secure enough. However, once you feel unthreatened, your are capable of deep love. No matter what our Sun sign may be, the Scorpio-Moon qualities of persistence and intensity run through your personality. If your Sun is in a water sign Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces , a Scorpio Moon confers energy and creativity, a true gift for turning a dream into reality once you set your mind to it.

If your Sun is an earth sign Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn , a Scorpio Moon accentuates your managerial talents and capacity for authority and leadership.

If your Sun is in an air sign Gemini, Libra, Aquarius , a Scorpio Moon bestows deep mental powers an ability to captivate the public. If your Sun is a fire sign Aries, Leo, Sagittarius , a Scorpio Moon emphasizes your compelling personality, your vitality and drive for success.

Whatever your Sun sign, a Moon in Scorpio gives you a strong inner core of self-reliance, an arresting sensuality, and a magnetic flair for influencing others. Log in Sign up. It really IS the only astrology book you'll ever need. I found a site through astrology. I even got a lot of my friends on twitter to do theirs. What I enjoyed the most was the descriptions of all the signs Rising, Sun, Moon and how they should be read and then each of the planets and their significance.

I jumped around in this book because it's more of a reference manual, but I read all the major section except for the Houses of the zodiac which is next on my list. If anything, this book is a ton of fun and absolutely fascinating. If you enjoy astrology, I highly recommend it! Pick it up, keep it on your shelf, and use it to examine all of your family and friends. As the author herself said, no book could ever be packed with all the information on astrology, but this one includes important info for those starting out, such as those regarding Sun, Rising and Moon signs.

I love this book. It's a great reference for your astrological signs. You learn your sun sign, your moon sign, your planet, your cusps, your decanets sp? You can even create a whole chart for yourself! This book is recommended for all to have in their library.


Jun 13, Julia rated it it was ok. Yeah, definitely not the only Astrology book I'll ever need. It left quite a bit out. But I really liked the CD that comes with the book- it did all the work for me. Apr 22, Marie Ainomugisha rated it really liked it.

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I used to own this book. I had so much fun with it because you really could make a chart with it! If anyone is interested in astrology this would be a must-have. May 12, Parwana rated it liked it. Very interesting read. If you're looking for your first ever astrology book; look no furthur.

Yeah, yeah, yeah Astrology, Jessie? Yes, okay. I'm kinda into it. Not in a super woo-woo way, but I think it's interesting and, oftentimes, accurate. If anything, astrology adds a little pizzaz into life and makes the mundane more bearable. I'd call it a hobby and nothing more.

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We've all got different, unusual, or just plain weird interests, and this happens to be one of mine. And that's my spiel. If you want to roll your eyes at me, so be it. C'est la vie. So now that I've gotten my complete Yeah, yeah, yeah So now that I've gotten my completely unnecessary preface out of the way I enjoyed this book.

I think it's informative and interesting, and it does a good job at covering all the basics of astrology. It has thoughtful and detailed descriptions of all the signs and planets as well as how they relate to one another.

Cancer & Capricorn // Compatibility

It gives a solid introduction to moon signs, rising signs, houses, and cusps. It talks about aspects and the basics of interpreting birth charts and horoscopes. There's a load of information that's delivered in a thorough yet easy-to-digest manner, and I would say it's an excellent foundational book to have for anyone who's interested in astrology. And the charts and tables in the back of the book were fantastic.

I love that there were tables for the sun, moon, and every planet.

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It was a great reference, and I liked that I didn't have to get on the internet to look up my chart. I could basically remind myself just by flipping to the back. The only criticism I would have is that I wish the author would have discussed the signs in the houses. She discusses the planets in the houses, which was great, but I would have liked to know, for example, what it means to have Virgo in my Fourth House.

Perhaps getting into the signs in the houses would have been way too much to cover in a book that's already over pages, but I wish it had been worked in. For the record, Woolfolk does use Oprah's birth chart as an example throughout the sections on houses and birth chart interpretation, which can be used as a guide when interpreting your own chart.

I just skimmed over these parts because they're of very little interest to me. But anyway, I enjoyed slowly reading through this book over the past several weekends, and I think it'll be a great reference book as well as a conversation starter with friends. If you're interested in astrology, I'd definitely recommend adding this one to your library. Woolfolk is clear that this isn't an all-encompassing astrology book; she adds that no book could ever cover everything in astrology because it's such a vast field.

But she has created the perfect book for starters with everything you could really need. As she says in her introduction, "I hope this will not be the only astrology book you'll ever want - merely the only one you'll ever need.