January 10 tlc horoscope

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Love can be complicated and you may need time to process all of your emotions. Here's a thought that you need to mull over a bit. Keep these to yourself until you've gotten a handle of what they mean. There's some wisdom coming your way this weekend. A certain area of your life will require intense focus. Your time with friends will be strangely more pleasant, especially with one particular friend that you trust with all your heart. This weekend, be sure to make time for play. It's a high energy weekend for you!

Be patient but don't be tempted to bury yourself to much in thoughts and ideas. Instead celebrate a bit of who you are and what you bring into the lives of others. You need to do that to remind yourself that you're free to be your own person.

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Center yourself today, and prepare the weekend for some serious TLC, gifts to yourself. Your mind and spirit will be healing and your conscious mind awakens. Change is a sensitive matter for you, and you may want to have more control in how you will take action.

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Sign in. Aria Gmitter. Love , Zodiac August 10, Sometimes love can be confusing, but try anyway. Sex and intimacy call for change and deepening, but you need to prioritize them. Helpful tip, Gem, don't take the cell phone to bed with you. It's not sexy, and you really should just stay focused on your lover. It'll be worth your while, I promise. The Full Moon eclipse lands in Gemini on January 21st.

This super powerful event highlights your 3rd house of communication, attitude, siblings, and community. And all is infused with joy. While networking, spread cheer!

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Make sure to laugh, hang out with your neighbors, gossip with kindness. Add another 1, followers on your Instagram page. Start right Mingle, sex it up, and keep on dreaming. Happy New Year, Cancer! It's back to work and you can't wait. Come January, you are driven to succeed and nothing is gonna stop you. Your ambition is at an all-time high; so, tap in and thrive!

Please do remember to play nice with colleagues; be a kind boss, and think before you speak. We all know that you can be quick-tempered or lack patience. Remember to blame it all on your insatiable enthusiasm and drive when asked to apologize. With eclipses in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, events that happen about once every 18 years, prepare yourself for major change. Think back to , what was happening them? Good, bad, or indifferent, you can create a new story, especially now that you're nearly 20 years wiser. On January 5th, the New Moon Eclipse lands in Capricorn, your zodiac's opposite, activating the 7th house of personal and professional partnerships.

You've had the heavy, outer planets stationed here for a few years.

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Listen, you've been through it all with partnerships, AND you survived, right? No more pity parties! Capricorn rules this 7th house; your sense of responsibility, hard work, and sheer perseverance to keep your partnerships afloat is admirable. You still have a few more years to benefit from this energy. Those partnerships which last will last a lifetime.

Those who are single, get prepared to fall hard. It's okay Just be responsible for your stuff; the rewards of security, loyalty, and devotion are worth it. Since you'll be working non-stop this month, you may also see some unhappy partners. The Full Moon Eclipse then lands in playful Leo, and your 2nd house of cash, baby! All those long hours and hard work will pay off. Cancer, go lavish attention on your partner; those single, time to mingle. It is going to be a life-changing year; world, watch out! Leo, , begins with new yearnings! When your partner in crime, Aries, slips into Mars on January 1st, you are catapulted to take off!

You'll feel an itching to get away, learn something new, or meet your guru. If you can't literally escape, fantasize Watch a foreign film, attend a Ted Talk, or listen to a podcast on global warming. Leo, you will grow from whatever the experience. On the 5th, the significant solar eclipse of the year occurs in Capricorn, urging you to pay attention to those aspects of your life that need to change.

Capricorn governs your 6th house of self-care, work, and the daily grind. With its no-nonsense, take-care-of-business energy, Capricorn will help shift your focus inward, including health.

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Make that overdue dentist appointment, visit your PCP, and make an acupuncture appointment. While it may not sound glamorous, you've gotta do it. In the work world, you may find yourself overwhelmed with too many responsibilities. Sigh it out. And then get to it, putting one foot in front of the other. All the while, shed old work habits that no longer serve you.

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You may also be offered a promotion or look to move on professionally; either way, you've got this, Leo. You may just need to make a few internal shifts. Working hard and doing your best come easily; as long as you receive recognition and accolades, you're golden. The spotlight is on you! The world needs your light-hearted joy and commitment to passion.