Ascendant astrology meaning

Think about it—when was the last time you focused on one thing for more than five minutes? Exercise is a successful way to mitigate this energy. Everyone loves to come to your house for wine night. You may be a bit of a homebody and have an intense positive or negative, depending on the rest of your chart relationship with your mom. People can spot you by your gorgeous hair from a mile away. Having your ascendant in Leo can make you quite the showstopper when it comes to your physical appearance. There is no such thing as too much attention for you.

Some might accuse you of having Resting Bitch Face—this is rarely the case though.

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Overthinking is the name of the game and you tend to process information in an analytical manner. You also hate conflict and avoid it at all costs, which can sometimes lead to passive-aggressive behaviors. Turn up the intensity! With a Scorpio ascendant, others naturally feel your power in a room.

You demand respect and can accidentally intimidate people for that reason. There is a need to be in control with this placement, and you might have an interest in the occult or just reading your horoscope every day. A Rising sign can be different for twins born just a couple minutes apart.

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Further, this Ascendant point is the premises for the calculations of the rest of the house cusps. A few minutes of time difference shifts the entire chart. The Rising sign is like a direct connection between our Earth and the zodiac path. It represents our appearance in the world.

Venus enters Sagittarius

The Rising sign is the image we project, the impression we make on others, the way we take action in the world, and the lasting effect we have on the environment. But in fact, the Rising sign is not like a mask because wearing a mask denotes some level of falsity or hiding oneself.

Your Rising Sign characteristics are not a "fake cover-up" as a mask would imply. Those characteristics are a real and true part of who your are, more like a face than a mask. Even though your face is shallow and external, you're stuck with it and cannot take it off! It's a real part of you, not fake. And people usually perceive it in ways that you yourself do not.

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That's a Rising Sign for you — others see you as the embodiment of those characteristics, even though you might not see yourself like that. The Rising sign is how people perceive us because it is the style that we use to go about meeting the needs of our Sun sign. For example, a Capricorn-Sun person is ambitious, reserved, and needs order.

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Libra rising sign people are gentle but hate conflict and may go too far to keep the peace. Your Scorpio rising sign presence can be felt without saying a word. You can come across as intense and may be drawn to spiritual pursuits.

Your Ascendant is Sagittarius

Your style is colorful, worldly and eclectic. The Aquarius rising sign adds a rebel edge to your vibe, as well as a passion for social justice or cutting-edge ideas. Pisces rising sign people are sensitive artistes who can be powerful healers, but are prone to addiction.

Your ascendant is determined by the minute you were born. You just need to know your time, date and place of birth to calculate.


Have fun looking up yourself and your friends, love interests, coworkers and family members! Art via Tumblr.